Shiseido - Bio-Performance Second Skin 3 pcs

Brand from Japan: Shiseido. Step 0 Oil Blotting Paper 240 pcs x 1 Step 1 Eye Essence 8.4g x 1 Step 2 Eye Essence 8.4g x 1 Breakthrough technology approaches the eye bags (bulges under the eyes) that could not be covered until now. Form a skin film in a few simple steps. By flatly covering the eye bags that give the impression of aging and tiredness, the sagging feeling around the eyes is not noticeable, and you can spend a youthful impression while wearing it. How to use: Use this product after applying makeup. Step 0 Oil Blotting Paper: The non-patterned side has the powder on it, so lightly press that side under your eyes. Make sure your skin is smooth by touching it with your finger. Do the same for the other eye. Use one sheet per eye. Check the area to be painted before steps 1 and 2. Apply so that it does not protrude outside the eye bags. Be careful not to apply to the inner and outer corners of the eyes, the corners of the eyes, under the eyelashes, cheeks, etc. If you've applied it to the shaded area Wipe off the gel on the applicator with a tissue paper, then use the applicator vertically to remove the protruding gel. Step 1 Eye Essence (white container): Rotate the lower part and count the click sound as one time, and rotate the number of times selected in Confirmation of usage amount above. Take out with an applicator. Take out the amount confirmed on the side with one protrusion. Lay down the applicator and lightly spread the gel evenly. Do the same for the other eye. Step 2 Eye Essence (blue container): Rotate the lower part and count the clicks as 1, and rotate the number of times you confirmed. Remove to applicator. Take out the amount confirmed on the side with two protrusions. Use the other side that used step 1. Extend in the same way. Apply step 1 on top of the applied area. The second skin is formed by layering step 2 on step 1. Do the same for the other eye. Please do not move your facial expression for about 5 minutes so that the second skin does not wrinkle.

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